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Tackle & Accessories

Airflo Delta Classic Salmon Rod 14ft #9/10£139.00
Airflo Fly Fishing Kit £99.00£69.00
Airflo Salmon and Steelhead Polyleader 10ft£6.99
Airflo Salmon and Steelhead Polyleader 5ft£5.99
Airflo Salmon and Steelhead Polyleader 8ft£5.99
Carron Jetstream 55ft Head Floating Spey Line£70.00
Carron Jetstream 65ft Head Intermediate Spey Line£75.00
Carron Jetstream 65ft Head Spey Line Floating£75.00
Greys QRS #9,10,11,12£139.99
Greys QRS 5,6,7,8£119.00
Kamasan Treble Hooks£6.49
Loon Rogue Micro Scissor Forceps£19.99
Loop Incite Combo 9ft #5/6, 9ft #7/8£260.00
Loop Q Series 15'0£370.00
Loop Q Series 8/11 Left£160.00
Loop Q Series Q#7/9 left£140.00
Loop SDS Shooting Head Kit £105.00
Maxina Chameleon Brown£6.99
Napier & Craig Dapping Floss£6.99
Osprey VH002 Scandinavian Tube Fly Double Hooks£7.99
Osprey VH004 Trailing Treble Hooks£4.99
Richard Wheatley Vaccume Rod Carrier£69.99
Rio Braided Loops£5.99
Rio InTouch Scandi Outbound Floating Line£99.99
Rio Shooting Head Kit £149.99
Shakespeare Oracle 12ft #7/8 Spey Rod £119.00
Shakespeare Oracle Salmon Fly Reel #8/9£89.99
Shakespeare Oracle Spey Line£54.99
Snowbee Classic Floating Fly Line£26.99
Snowbee Scandinavian Spey Floating Fly Line Light Blue/Dark Blue Core£59.99
Snowbee Screw-In Wading Studs£8.99
Telescopic wading staff with depth markers£45.00
Vac Rac Vacume Locking Rod Carrier£69.99
Vision Fit V106 Tube Fly Box£7.50
Vision Power Nipper£5.99

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